November 8, 2018



Litigation Funding Conference

The Litigation Funding Conference is an intense networking and deal-making event for financial and legal professionals. The next conference will be on November 8, 2018 in Sydney at To Be Announced. The conference is attended by attorneys, litigation finance executives, litigation support experts, brokers, hedge funds, private equity firms, government and consultants. Those involved with corporate cases & high value commercial claims will benefit the most from this event. The conference is also for those involved with: legal advances, dispute resolution funding solutions, structured settlement purchasing, arbitration funding, international arbitration, lawsuit litigation funding and third party litigation funding.



After 04, Aug


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Previous Events

New York
  • Speed Networking - among litgators and hedge funds at the 2017 New York Litigation Funding Conference and Summit
  • Speed Networking - among litgators and hedge funds at the April 28, 2017 event for global litigation professionals in New York
  • Speed Networking - among attorneys and funding firms at the April 28, 2017 conference and summit for litigation finance in New York

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